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James Perez-AKA- “JP”, “Trainer James”, “Beaner”, “Nectar”, “Freakin Reakin”
Since 1999
  • ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer
  • ISSA Certified Specialist in Exercise Therapy
  • Certified Neuromuscular Therapist
  • CPR Certified
James claims his home town to be Daytona Beach Florida where he grew up surfing, skating, playing beach volleyball, high school football, baseball, riding dirtbikes and BMX. He graduated from Daytona Beach Seabreeze Highschool. After high school he served a 2 year mission in southern Spain where he learned about life, people, himself, and became fluent in the Spanish language. After completion of his mission he returned to the U.S. to his parent’s new home in Glendale, AZ. He attended business courses at Glendale Community College where he met his awesome, beautiful wife Sally(Saldawg) and was married in May of 1997. One year later they moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado where James attended the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy and completed his ISSA training.

James’ career as a fitness and therapist professional was on its way working as a trainer at the local YMCA, a neuromuscular therapist for Penrose St Francis Rehab Facility, Miller Chiropractic, and a coach for Matchpoint Volleyball club. Since then he has lived in Arizona again, Maryland, and back to Arizona where along the way he learned from Physical Therapists, Orthopedic surgeons, Chiropractors, Fitness professionals, and other health practitioners.

One of those places was Arrowhead Sports Club in Glendale Arizona from 2002-2009 where he worked as a personal fitness trainer and met Destry Abbott. Working with Destry by helping him stay focused on getting his workouts done, developing new ways to increase his strength, cardio, and ability to recover quickly were the main objective. Because of the friendship with Destry, James was introduced to the offroad and motocross industry. He was able to work with many professional and amature riders such as: Ryan Clark, Nate Adams, Ted Campbell, Justin Buckelew, Josh Morros, Ricky Dietrich, Justin Soule, Nathan Woods, Brett Metcalf, Austin White, Brenden Ritzman, Bob Kiniry, and many more just to name drop a few. Working with each of them brought new or different ideas to put into his bag of tricks.

Returning to Arizona after a 4 year stint in Maryland presented a unique opportunity as Destry was embarking on a new venture with his DA8 riding training and Fitness facility. James gladly accepted the invitation from Destry and his wife Charlotte to help them put their project into motion.

Some impressive accomplishments (according to James):
  • Owning and running his own business since 1999
  • Being part of Destry Abbott’s program during his Hare & Hound championships
  • Coached a Junior Olympic 2 person beach volleyball team to a national championship-2000
  • Played quarter back and Safety on the 2003 Copperstate semi-pro football championship team
  • Trained miss teen AZ 2004
  • Raising 4 crazy but great children, still in progress!
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Kale was born and raised in Arizona. Growing up with an active lifestyle and a dream to race motocross professionally he surrounded himself with the top talent in Arizona hiring Steve Hatch as his coach and trainer. Pursuing his career in racing he made it to the professional ranks only to have a massive crash, shattering his mid-back. Following the crash he started turning his attention to training, health and coaching. He then went to work for his former coach and trainer learning the teaching side of the training world. He further educated himself in school studying exercise science and nutrition. Moving away for an “extended vacation” to Hawaii, Kale worked as a trainer and coach at the UFC Gym where he acquired his National Academy of Sports Medicine Certification as well as his UFC certification. Now working at the DA8 Training Facility he continues to further his education working with top athletes from various sport disciplines with an emphasis on balance stabilization training.
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